Product Demo


Inkoop is a software services company, delivering world-class software solutions. As a software and product development company, they offer custom software development services, mobile app development and SaaS solutions along vertical and businesses.

Problem Statement :

Inkoop recently launched a SaaS product named Draxlr. They required a video that could sum up all the features of Draxlr in one short video, while following the design statement of the tool. 

How we accomplished the project?

Our primary engagement included studying tool, It’s feature and it’s design language to the depth and come up with an stylesheet to represent various elements that was going to be used in the videos.

These were the two style sheets that were presented early, However The Draxlr internal team requested a bit cleaned up version for light version that we designed for Draxlr.

After Selection of Stylescape, It was now time for Scripts. We created a short script representing all key features of the tool, After a bit of iterations, We were good to go with final designs and animations.

Here's what the final video looked like