Product Demo


Cayster is a platform designed for dentists and dental labs that delivers improved outcomes, actionable data, visibility across practices, performance, measuring tools and more. It enables Dental Practices to manage  and analyze all their cases in one platform.  

Problem Statement :

Cayster recently rebranded itself from Biodental Sciences to Cayster, And with significant feature updates in its platform.
Initially they wanted us to produce a product demo explaining Cayster for their stakeholders, Later the engagement continued as they wanted us to produce tutorial videos to onboard their new clients, Basically Dental Practices and their partner DSOs.

How we accomplished the project?

Script was already prepared by Cayster’s internal marketing team. Our initial task was to prepare compositions and animation concepts according to the script.

Post iterations and approval from the cayster team, We started animating, And here’s how the final result looks like.

Here's what the final video looks like

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